Wednesday, February 5, 2020

2020 - 5 Fun Gadgets That Make Perfect Gift Items

It’s Friday today and since everyone is looking for fun things to do, I decided to make a curated list of the top 5 fun gadgets that you can find on the market. I did not really take price into consideration because I am planning on writing another list of 2020’s Affordable Fun Gadgets That You Can Find. This list of gadgets is mainly for gadgets that you can make great gifts for him or her. You’ll see in this article that I gave decided to make a mix between different platforms since my last 2 articles were completely written about this great new gadget platform called It’s Nerd which I encourage you to discover.

I am going to stop stalling an start with the top 5 fun gadgets I found online:

Fizzics DraftPour – Portable Draft Beer System

Fizzics is one of the most successful tech gadget on the market. Since its appearance on Shark Tank, the company did not stop growing in sales and expand to other countries than the US. The machine uses Micro-Foam Technology to convert bottled or canned beer into a nitro-style draft. You can buy it in 4 different colours, Carbon & Ice are cheaper than the Copper & Pub and the only difference is just the colours and nothing else.

Portable Draft Beer System Fizzics Canada 2020 Fun Gadgets

Cork Speaker – Turn Bottles Into Speaker

This gadget is really fun to play around with. The concept is simple, just place the speaker in top of any bottle and see how the sound is amplified. The chamber of the bottle is used to amplify the sound and it’ really fun to experiment with different bottles that have different depth.

Cork speaker 5 fun gadgets that make perfect gifts 2020 edition

Wireless Smart Beanie – Wear Your Music

Perfect for the Winter season. This wireless musical beanie has headphones integrated in the beanie’s mesh. The beanie is not too bulky when you wear it. I got this gadget as a gift and I can say that I was really surprised with the sound quality. I got more intrigued and decided to look up the price (without telling the person that gifted me the gadget) and I found out that it only costs 25$! This is when I decided to include it in this list because you are getting so much for so little. Eventually when the integrated headphones will stop working ( did not happen with me yet but I could expect that) you will still have a perfectly fine looking beanie! The headphones are detachable to be able to wash it!

Wireless Smart Beanie 2020 Fun Gadgets that make perfect gift items

Electric Paper Plane – First Remote Controlled Paper Plane

Building paper planes was my favorite thing when I was a toddler. If hat gadget had come out when I was younger I would definitely be the first person to ask my parents to buy it for me as a gift. You can connect the paper plane to a special app and fly it! The paper is made from crash-resistant material and can sustain damage on several flights. Definitely a cheap gadget to get your child play outside instead of being in front of screens all day.

Electric Paper Plane 2020 Fun Gadgets That Make Perfect That Make Perfect Gift Items

Waterproof Floating Speaker – Swimming Pool Speaker

You can finally listen to your music while relaxing in a swimming pool. The speaker is made of cork on one side that enables it to float on the water. It’s also dustproof so you can take it with you on the beach without worrying about it falling in the sand. 10 Hours of play time on a single charge is more than enough for your day in the sun. You can also take it with you in the shower and sing along your favorite songs! 

Waterproof Floating Speaker 2020 Fun Gadgets That Make Perfect That Make Perfect Gift Items

Top 5 Gadgets That Will Improve Your Physical Health

Health: the most important aspect of your life is your health. When it comes to today’s major
health issues, most people tend to have bad posture that can lead to musculoskeletal diseases.
For example, I spend too much time on my computer and I can see the impact is has on my
back and the palm of my hand. My friend decided to get me a product that reminds you to keep
an upright posture and I thought that this could be a great idea for a gift for man and woman.
The product also tracks the time you spent slouching and other useful statistics that helps you
improve your posture on a daily basis.

Below, is the list of products that can improve your physical health. If you have other products
in mind please comment in the comment section below:

1. Posture Corrector

This is the product I was talking about earlier. It’s the fastest, simplest and best natural way to
improve your posture in just 2 weeks. The price might be a bit high but I think that you cannot
put a price on health. I looked for cheaper options but they all involved having a strap across
your back that you have to wear throughout the day.

2. Portable Laptop Stand 

If you are only in a hunched over position when you sit on you laptop then there is a cheaper
alternative to a good posture. The Portable Laptop Stand is the perfect accessory to buy and
place your laptop on. The stand will incline your laptop to a certain degree that will force or
remind you to sit straight up.

3. Leaf Health Tracker

This gadget is more suited as a gift for woman. The leaf health tracker is a wellness tracker that
is optimized for woman’s health. Improve your sleep patterns, regulate your cycle, set pill
reminders or log in your pregnancy all in a pretty looking device. You can hand it around your
neck, wear it as a bracelet or a clip.

4. Cell Phone Cleaner

This gadget is important one for anyone that owns a phone. Sanitizing your phone should be
something that everyone should do. All the bacteria on your phone gets transferred to your
hands and can easily enter your mouth while eating a sandwich or something. This cell phone
cleaner specializes in UV-C sanitizing and can fit any phone on the market. You simply place the
device inside the chamber and let the gadget do its job.

5. Smart Squeeze Stress Relief Ball

A Bluetooth-enabled smart squeeze ball that’s designed to help you improve your grip while
having fun. I also read a couple reviews that said that this little device help cancer patients
recover their hand strength after undergoing their treatment. The cool thing about it is that you
can play a game with every squeeze. You can download the app and find interesting games to
play and improve your grip.